Don’t Be Misled by “Parents” Magazine: The Cry It Out Sleep Training Method Can Hurt Your Baby

sleepless babe

Dr. Darcia Narvaez over at Psychology Today has alerted parents to the goofy thinking behind a recent article in Parents magazine in which an author encouraged parents to let their babies cry themselves to sleep. The author of the Parents article said parents should rest assured that letting a baby cry herself to sleep won’t harm the baby, and that “whatever sleep training method feels best to you
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Our Home: A Flexible Tabernacle

"A Happy Family" by Eugenio Eduardo Zampighi

“The image God gave me of Christian family was a triangle of light with strong bars of light flowing from the heart of the mother and father at the base and up to God at the top of the pinnacle, with the children protected in the middle of the triangle.” My husband and I discovered how to build relationships with our children and encourage their
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ICP Links


I’ve just posted some links to great articles and resources for gentle Catholic parents over at our sister site, Intentional Catholic Parenting.  Lots of awesome stuff, including a fascinating article on tiger mothering and another one on why kids with warm relationships with their parents make better friends.  

How to Be a Prayer Warrior While Fighting the Battle of Parenthood

Saint Michael

“Only God Himself can enlighten a heart charred by the       fire-breathing dragons of this world.” “Here there be dragons” is a phrase found on some medieval maps to describe dangerous or uncharted territory, sometimes accompanied by a picture of a dragon, sea serpent, or other mythological creature. While our modern day physical world is well mapped out, our society faces other  dragons that seem to
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Summer Fun: Family Volunteerism

volunteer 113429977

With summer upon us, perhaps our families are looking for meaningful ways to spend our time together. Why not commit some time to volunteering as a family? I addressed this topic recently on Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak’s radio program More2Life, which is produced by Ave Maria Radio.  You can listen to the program here: My segment begins twenty minutes into the show, but the
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Connecting Spirit to Spirit with Infants


“Contemplation is learned at the mother’s breast.”  St. Bonaventure   I was delighted to discover that it is possible to connect with an infant, not simply with their heart but with their spirit as well. It is a gift to connect with a newborn, knowing that they know, that I know, that they are not idiots but vibrant souls who are in communion with God.
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Tender Tidings Summer 2014 NOW AVAILABLE!

TT summer 14

We posted our summer issue a few days ago only discover the flipbook wasn’t working!  Think we worked out the bugs! Here it is: your free issue of Tender Tidings.  Don’t miss it and please pass it on to your friends! In this issue: FAMILY GAMES (playing our favorite childhood games with our kids, how real parents play games with their kids, and why play
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Ten Years


Ten years. I’ve been a mom for ten years. I keep repeating that fact to myself, as if I’ve reached some magical milestone filled with wisdom and maturity. But instead of wisdom bursting forth in triumphant glory like so many flowers in spring, I feel a bit of all of the seasons vying for space in my heart. The revelation that loving my children is
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What makes a “good” parent?

empathy father and son

“That means that for almost a quarter of a century, humans need a special kind of love and nurturing that will not only meet them and connect with them right where they are but guide them gently without controlling them and stunting their own growth intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.”   What makes a good parent? In one word? Humility. In two words? A sense of
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Parenting Lessons from “The Divine Mercy”

divine mercy

This Sunday we celebrate the much-anticipated canonization of Pope John XXIII, the pope who opened the Second Vatican Council, and Pope John Paul II, the pope who helped us understand the Council better. It’s no accident that JPII’s canonization occurs on Divine Mercy Sunday: as pope, his first canonization in the new millennium was that of Sister Faustina Kowlaska, who introduced the world to the
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Play Ball


“And it was simple. For my son, his love of t-ball wasn’t about the performance or the competition. It wasn’t even about playing with friends. It was about simply spending time with his father.” Ever since we heard the words, “It’s a boy,” my husband has had a dream. It’s a dream most fathers share, I think. I imagine that just as we mothers envision
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The Unexpected Blessings of Potty Training

boy potty training

A month or so ago, with the birth of my second child fast-approaching, and the idea of changing double the amount of diapers looming in my mind, I decided that it was time. My son, recently turned two, was going to learn to use the potty. No more diapers. Of course, I read up on all the methods available, got tons of advice from friends
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