Farewell Post

After four and a half years, our ministry here at CAPC has come to an end. CAPC has truly been a labor of love. I still believe in our mission of supporting Catholic parents who are seeking information and friendship as they try to live an attachment-minded lifestyle with their children. I always had a hard time finding other Catholic parents who were like me, who
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Top 5 Parenting Challenges & How to Deal with Them


I like this interview with Rebecca Eanes, author of the book Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide (to be released in July 2016). Eanes talks about the top 5 parenting challenges as reported by parents, and how we can tweak our approach to addressing these challenges so we have a “more positive parenting experience.” I personally feel less concerned about my experience of my parenting than
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Benefits of Night Time Baths for Kids

Mary Cassatt The_Child's_Bath

Last night after a long day exploring a nearby bustling city, my Lydia (age 6) desperately needed a bath. Not only was she covered in city “dust”, but somehow a chocolate shake found its way down her leg. When she emerged from the tub, still sudsy and smelling like lavender, I helped her dry off, slathered a layer of lotion on her arms and legs,
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The Upside of Failure


Yesterday my son’s school celebrated Science Fair day. I didn’t think it was a big deal. The letter that came home a month ago only mentioned that a science fair project was voluntary for kindergarteners. When I asked my son if he wanted to do and present a project, he adamantly said no, and as he’s only in kindergarten, I didn’t push. But, when I
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Let Me Do It

child hand and cookies

  It’s a desire that is expressed in many ways.  “I want to help.”  “I do it myself.”  “Let me do it.”  When these words come from my three-year-old, I have to admit that I usually feel a sense of dread.  Because these words, if I indulge them, are usually followed by splattered brownie batter, laundry that requires refolding, or a simple task that takes
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How Theology of the Body Impacted My Life

large family

My husband and I read a life-changing article thirty-two years ago when we were on a rare date night for our sixth wedding anniversary. Parents of four, we really wanted to remain faithful to Church teaching by refusing to use artificial birth control, but we already felt stretched to our limits financially, emotionally and physically. I am tiny and had never even held a baby
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Why I Let My Kids Fight


And no, it’s not because I’m starting a baby fight club. Or because I’m lazy. Or because I think I need to “toughen them up.” This title might surprise those of you who know me. I’m a pretty gentle parent. I take my kids’ feelings and thoughts seriously. I strive for kindness and peace in my relationship with them and try to foster that in
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Please Go Home Now (or How to Balance Your Child’s Need for Friendship with Your Own Need for Sanity)

teen friends

“I need to get some more friends. I want my friends around all the time but sometimes my friends are too busy doing other stuff.” This remark was made this week by my 10-year-old son about 45 minutes after his and his 12-year-old sister’s five friends left our home to return to their own families. We had hosted them for six hours. I was exasperated
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Divine Mercy for Parents

divine mercy

Here’s an updated and revised version of my Divine Mercy reflection from 2014! ***** Today is Divine Mercy Sunday, the Second Sunday of Easter. What is “Divine Mercy” anyway? I think understanding Divine Mercy can help us in our parenting vocation. Father Ed Broom wrote a great summary of the main principles of the doctrine of Divine Mercy on Catholic Exchange that really helped me recognize the connection.
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St. Joseph’s Feast Day: A Reprieve from Lent


Simon of Cyrene.  Veronica.  Mary.  Even Jesus needed a little help along the way.  Even He found strength from the temporal care of others.  So, too, does His Church offer relief along the sacrificial way of Lent.  The saints’ feast days are always reason to celebrate, and St. Joseph’s is no exception–even though it falls on March 19, during Lent. Recognized as the great intercessor
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The Domestic Confessional

domestic confessional

I dropped to my knees and began mopping up the mess, grumbling as I worked.  “You have to be more careful!  Especially when it’s a full gallon of milk!  Ask Mommy for help next time so you won’t make a mess!” I looked up at my daughter and stopped.  A look of surprise mingled with remorse was fixed on her face. “Sorry,” she whispered with
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Jesus Is a Baby Whisperer

Let the Children Come to Me, Fritz von Uhde

The best way to communicate with preverbal little people is to connect with their inner spirits, in with, and through the Holy Spirit because Jesus was an infant Himself.  However, unlike human adults, I do not think Jesus has forgotten what it was like to be a preverbal little being. In this sense, God could be called the perfect baby whisperer because He is in
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