Please Pass The Joy: The Promise of Candlemas

presentation of Christ in the temple by Hans Holbein the Elder

“Be merry, really merry.  The life of a true Christian should be a perpetual jubilee, a prelude to the festivals of eternity.”  St. Theophane Venard Joy. I could sure use some after spending three weeks cooped up in a sick household. The beauty of flickering candlelight. The warmth of the sun. The hope of eternal happiness. At the end of the long month of January,
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Blissful Breastfeeding? When Nursing Isn’t as Easy as It Seems

Madonna and Child, DaVinci

“Still, the truth remains that for some of us, nursing doesn’t come so naturally. It can be work – for our children and for us. But, it’s work that yields great rewards if we can stick it out, if we’re willing to discard the not-so-realistic standards we’ve been holding ourselves to and if we adopt, instead, the techniques that work best for us as individuals,
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Then Comes Baby: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Three Years of Parenthood

then comes baby

I have a new favorite book to recommend to the parents of infants and toddlers:  Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak’s Then Comes Baby:  The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Three Years of Parenthood. This is the most balanced book I have read about parenting little children:  Dr. Greg and Lisa recognize the importance of laying a strong foundation for the parent-child relationship
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Tweens and Decision-Making

tween and mom

I recently read an interesting article by Jennifer Powell-Lunder over at Psychology Today about tweens (kids aged about ten to twelve) and motivation.  Her big point is that sometimes we have more influence over the views and decision-making of tweens than we may realize. Tweens are at the funny age of push and pull. They often shirk at your simple suggestions yet seek out your input and advice when you leave them
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You Might As Well Laugh . . .

she laughs

No matter how organized I tried to be as a mother of a large family, some days ended up chaotic,  filled with clingy babies, messy toddlers, sick kids, mud baths, snarky teens, funny faces, too many shoes,  barely edible meals,  kid stunt men,  endless laundry, unpaired socks and frozen water pipes. I decided early in my mothering career that I might as well laugh because
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REPORT: What’s Best for Kids? Traditional Families Who Attend Church Together

traditional family

A new study in the Journal of Family Psychology (Special Section: Spirituality and Religion in Family Life: Couples and Marriage) supports earlier studies in the following correlations:  1) Older kids and teens who attend religious services with their parents enjoy greater psychological well-being and 2) residing in a “non-traditional” family (defined as a single parent household or one with a step-family) in late childhood is associated with
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Make a King Cake for Epiphany

christina king cake

If you are looking for something special to make for the Feast of the Epiphany, check out Christina Kolb’s beautiful authentic (but easy, I swear) galette des rois in the winter issue of Tender Tidings! Her article starts on page 36.

The Force


I was a little jealous of my husband. I thought I had created a moment with my daughter in the art room at the children’s museum. I’d made her a beautiful card that said, “I love you,” and she looked so pleased when I showed it to her. She quickly got to work on a new project, and I expected her to reciprocate my loving
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When Your Child Asks You to Do It Again (and Again and Again!)


We’ve been pretty quiet here at CAPC!  We generally put up a CLOSED sign during the last few weeks of December, but I had to share this little nugget. Every kid asks their parents to read them the same book over and over or to play the same game until her parents can’t see straight.  Well, somebody passed on to me this marvelous quote by Chesterton: “Because children
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Traditions: A Pleasant Tie that Binds Us by Kassie Ritman

advent 2013 pic 1

“After our faith, tradition is one of the greatest gift we can share with our children. They tether our memories and comfort us alongside the liturgical waymarks of our years together.” As Christians, we are bound together as believers in Jesus. As Catholics, our faith holds us up with the everlasting grace and providence of the sacraments. Within our own homes, traditions are a pleasant
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Tender Tidings Winter 2014 NOW AVAILABLE!

Tender Tidings Magazine, our FREE parenting publication, is now available for your enjoyment! Just click on the flipbook to explore. PDF is also available from flipbook. THE SLEEP ISSUE:  tips for getting more sleep, the science of safe co-sleeping, sleep stories from intentional, Catholic parents Dr. Greg answers tough questions from real parents, including one about preschool tantrums What can the Holy Family teach us
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The Art of Table Talk (with Kids)

table talk

“Too often we have a hard time with real dialogue, because we aren’t really very interested in what the other person is saying or who they are. We’re waiting for them shut up so we can get our point in.” With Thanksgiving just around the corner, this is perhaps a good time to review the art of making conversation at the dinner table.  I talked
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