Boredom Is Good for You

Kim's daughter Claire when she's bored

See!  I’ve been telling my kids for years that boredom is a gift!  The next time your kids say “I’m bored, I have nothing to do”, you can reply cheerily, “FANTASTIC!” From the British Psychological Society and the journal Psychologist: “Boredom can make us more creative, an expert says.  [Dr. Sandi Mann] has researched the suppression of emotions, including boredom, at work. In one experiment she found participants who
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Nursing a Two-Year-Old: It’s Normal for Us

I could see the idea forming in her mind by the way she looked at me. She fidgeted. She fussed. She wriggled her entire 31 pounds of two-year-old chub around in my lap until she had assumed the familiar position, head in the crook of my arm and eyes looking up at me longingly. Not ready to give in quite yet, I attempted to distract
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Raising Children Who Love (or Don’t Hate) Confession

My guest essay on Dr. Greg Popcak’s blog Faith on the Couch: I’ve heard that some people love going to Confession.  I personally don’t know any of them.  Maybe it’s an urban legend.  I think avoiding the confessional is our human default, because we are uncomfortable exposing our weakness to others.  The Church wants us to know that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is a gift. 
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no spank challenge big

Our friends at alerted me to this amazing spank-out challenge coming up in April: Getting the Support You Need If you’re ready to stop spanking, yelling or using other punitive techniques with your child, if you’re struggling to discipline your children peacefully, or simply want to take your parenting journey deeper, welcome! Over 25 peaceful, gentle parenting advocates and experts are collaborating to offer a FREE
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Mary Moments

Michaelyn quote

If you’re like me (and I think most moms are), you’re always doing. Doing laundry. Doing dishes. Doing dinner. It’s our vocation, and it’s beautiful. Because, by its very nature, it requires us to serve. And while serving certainly demonstrates love, there are times we need to stop the doing. There are times we need to show our love by doing something else. Like last
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spring 2015 thumbnail

The spring issue of TENDER TIDINGS, a FREE parenting magazine for gentle, intentional, and attachment-minded parents is now available!  Be sure to share it with your friends! Click on the Flipbook to explore: In this issue: Spring Cleaning:  Heart and Home (How is decluttering a Christian activity? What’s the connection between confession and cleaning?) Nature & children:  Why children need to encounter God’s creation outdoors; nature
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40 Days in the Desert

Cactus Pic

Displaying a cactus in our home during Lent reminds us of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert. Our family purchased a mini cactus at Walmart and printed a simple card with a picture of Jesus in the desert and the scripture passage “One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.” (Deut. 8:3)
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Explaining Lent to Our Children

crown of thorns

As a new mom, I used to look at my sweet, innocent pre-school aged son and wonder how to explain this Lenten season to him. Would I wait for him to ask me questions? What if he never did? Or worse…what if he did? How would I answer? While the Christmas season found me gushing to my young son about the Christ child and a
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Last Minute Ideas for Your Family’s Lenten Journey


A few last minute tips from Marcia Mattern and me to start your family’s Lenten journey on the right foot.  From recent posts on our family blogs: Favorite read-aloud books for Lent:  Kim shares her family’s favorite books for the Lenten season. Family altar tips:  Kim shares the symbolism behind the objects she places on  her family altar during Lent.  Also ideas for Ash Wednesday and a salt
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Babies Are People, Too


Newborns are complex little people who see, hear, touch, communicate, receive information and, above all, remember. Many adults are tempted to treat babies like cute little things. They forget to communicate with them as people. They forget that those cute little bodies house hearts and souls. I discovered early in my mothering career that it is important to treat infants with respect by listening to the sounds they make
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US Alliance to Stop the Hitting of Children recommends CAPC in its open letter to Pope Francis about spanking

Open Letter to Pope Francis

  The US Alliance to Stop the Hitting of Children recommends Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner in an Open Letter to Pope Francis.  In the letter, the Alliance urges him to reconsider his position on spanking.  We are grateful for the mention and for the great work they are doing to protect the dignity of children and to support parents in finding positive ways to guide their children. Here is the
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Pope Francis and Spanking


Pope Francis made headlines this week when he made the following remark during his Wednesday General Audience:   “Once I heard a father at a meeting on marriage say: ‘Sometimes I have to strike the children lightly… but never in the face so as not to humiliate them’. How beautiful! He has a sense of dignity. He must punish, but he does it in a just
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