40 Days in the Desert

Cactus Pic

Displaying a cactus in our home during Lent reminds us of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert. Our family purchased a mini cactus at Walmart and printed a simple card with a picture of Jesus in the desert and the scripture passage “One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.” (Deut. 8:3)
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Explaining Lent to Our Children

crown of thorns

As a new mom, I used to look at my sweet, innocent pre-school aged son and wonder how to explain this Lenten season to him. Would I wait for him to ask me questions? What if he never did? Or worse…what if he did? How would I answer? While the Christmas season found me gushing to my young son about the Christ child and a
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Last Minute Ideas for Your Family’s Lenten Journey


A few last minute tips from Marcia Mattern and me to start your family’s Lenten journey on the right foot.  From recent posts on our family blogs: Favorite read-aloud books for Lent:  Kim shares her family’s favorite books for the Lenten season. Family altar tips:  Kim shares the symbolism behind the objects she places on  her family altar during Lent.  Also ideas for Ash Wednesday and a salt
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Babies Are People, Too


Newborns are complex little people who see, hear, touch, communicate, receive information and, above all, remember. Many adults are tempted to treat babies like cute little things. They forget to communicate with them as people. They forget that those cute little bodies house hearts and souls. I discovered early in my mothering career that it is important to treat infants with respect by listening to the sounds they make
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US Alliance to Stop the Hitting of Children recommends CAPC in its open letter to Pope Francis about spanking

Open Letter to Pope Francis

  The US Alliance to Stop the Hitting of Children recommends Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner in an Open Letter to Pope Francis.  In the letter, the Alliance urges him to reconsider his position on spanking.  We are grateful for the mention and for the great work they are doing to protect the dignity of children and to support parents in finding positive ways to guide their children. Here is the
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Pope Francis and Spanking


Pope Francis made headlines this week when he made the following remark during his Wednesday General Audience:   “Once I heard a father at a meeting on marriage say: ‘Sometimes I have to strike the children lightly… but never in the face so as not to humiliate them’. How beautiful! He has a sense of dignity. He must punish, but he does it in a just
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3 Benefits of Family Movie Night

movie night

  On more than one occasion our Holy Father has urged parents to “waste time with your children.” I think we need his wise guidance.  Some of us may be sacrificing family time because we worry or assume that if our kids aren’t busy with extra-curricular activities or our own calendars aren’t filled every hour of the day, we’ll all be left behind. We need to give ourselves permission to
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Please Pass The Joy: The Promise of Candlemas

presentation of Christ in the temple by Hans Holbein the Elder

“Be merry, really merry.  The life of a true Christian should be a perpetual jubilee, a prelude to the festivals of eternity.”  St. Theophane Venard Joy. I could sure use some after spending three weeks cooped up in a sick household. The beauty of flickering candlelight. The warmth of the sun. The hope of eternal happiness. At the end of the long month of January,
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Blissful Breastfeeding? When Nursing Isn’t as Easy as It Seems

Madonna and Child, DaVinci

“Still, the truth remains that for some of us, nursing doesn’t come so naturally. It can be work – for our children and for us. But, it’s work that yields great rewards if we can stick it out, if we’re willing to discard the not-so-realistic standards we’ve been holding ourselves to and if we adopt, instead, the techniques that work best for us as individuals,
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Then Comes Baby: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Three Years of Parenthood

then comes baby

I have a new favorite book to recommend to the parents of infants and toddlers:  Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak’s Then Comes Baby:  The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Three Years of Parenthood. This is the most balanced book I have read about parenting little children:  Dr. Greg and Lisa recognize the importance of laying a strong foundation for the parent-child relationship
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Tweens and Decision-Making

tween and mom

I recently read an interesting article by Jennifer Powell-Lunder over at Psychology Today about tweens (kids aged about ten to twelve) and motivation.  Her big point is that sometimes we have more influence over the views and decision-making of tweens than we may realize. Tweens are at the funny age of push and pull. They often shirk at your simple suggestions yet seek out your input and advice when you leave them
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You Might As Well Laugh . . .

she laughs

No matter how organized I tried to be as a mother of a large family, some days ended up chaotic,  filled with clingy babies, messy toddlers, sick kids, mud baths, snarky teens, funny faces, too many shoes,  barely edible meals,  kid stunt men,  endless laundry, unpaired socks and frozen water pipes. I decided early in my mothering career that I might as well laugh because
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