Educational Choices Part 3: Educational Methods & Approaches

I’ve been happily busy searching for resources for our new newsletter forthcoming in June.  I’m very excited!  It’ll be great fun.  I’ve also been trying to make a new header for the website using Photoshop Elements 10, which I just purchased.  Using Photoshop makes me want to poke my eyes out, but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon. 

At last the final part in this series on educational choices!  I happened to put together a chart on the most common educational approaches last year when a friend and I (stupidly) tried to create a public homeschool charter program.   The charter school went down in flames, but HAH! I’ve got that chart to share! 

I’ve revised it for our purposes.   For families interested in traditional school placements, these categories are most relevant to private school options, though there are public schools built upon some of these approaches, usually as public charter schools. 

Link to Kim’s chart:  Educational Methods and Teaching Styles

Whether you decide to homeschool or place your child in a traditional school setting, having some general idea what most characterizes these approaches is very useful.  Underlying any approach are assumptions about the nature of the learner and the appropriate goals for that learner. 

Does all this information make you anxious?  The good news is that no matter the choice you make, it need not be permanent.  Make decisions as you go along, step by step, and rest in the arms of your loving Father who will never lead you astray.  Enjoy sharing this next stage with your growing child!

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