Breastfeeding and Working

Maternite, Mary Cassatt

Maternite, Mary Cassatt

Love this repost of a great article on attachment parenting and working over at Attachment Parenting International.  As I’ve said before, an attached lifestyle isn’t only for at-home moms.  I think especially when Mommy is working away from baby for part of the day, attachment practices will benefit that sweet babe.

The article gives general tips for practicing an attached lifestyle while working then focuses on pumping while at work.  The author suggests moms begin pumping well before they return to work, then pump on a regular schedule while at work.

When both parents work away from home, it’s especially important for Daddy to participate in keeping the home running smoothly, especially focusing the care of  older kids and directing their evening routine while Mom sits and nurses baby.  This commitment shared by both parents can only bring them closer together as long as they have the right perspective.  Instead of asking each other”what  have you done for me lately,” start with “what can I do for you today to make your life a little easier?”  All parents share a joint mission in creating a safe, loving environment for everyone in the family while balancing the needs of the children and parents, but I dual earner couples have to be especially aware of this mission.


  1. I feel guilty about not keeping my house clean enough . . . As I type, I’m looking at an empty can of soda, a play microphone, a plate, an empty cup, a vase of craft scissors, paper, empty cd cases, a pencil, a credit card (!), and a tube of dog ear cleaner. That’s between my keyboard and the monitor. Not kidding. I think we moms always feel guilty about something!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I sometimes feel left out/judged by other moms because I choose to work outside the home- which I do for my own sanity, but still feel plenty of guilt about!

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