Pope Leo XIII Day 5: Magnae Dei Matris

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In Magnae Dei Matris, written in 1892, Pope Leo XIII describes the Mary as “the Mother of mercy” who comes to our side during our time of need:

When we have recourse to Mary in prayer, we  are having recourse to the Mother of mercy, who is so well disposed toward us  that, whatever the necessity that presses upon us especially in attaining  eternal life, she is instantly at our side of her own accord, even though she  has not been invoked. She dispenses grace with a generous hand from that  treasure with which from the beginning she was divinely endowed in fullest  abundance that she might be worthy to be the Mother of God. By the fullness of  grace which confers on her the most illustrious of her many titles, the  Blessed Virgin is infinitely superior to all the hierarchies of men and  angels, the one creature who is closest of all to Christ. “It is a great  thing in any saint to have grace sufficient for the salvation of many souls;  but to have enough to suffice for the salvation of everybody in the world, is  the greatest of all; and this is found in Christ and in the Blessed Virgin.”

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