Pope Leo XIII: Days 3 & 4

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Day 3 One-Minute Rosary Quote from Pope Leo XIII’s On the Rosary and Public Life

Mindful that in moments of great trial, pastors and people have ever had recourse with entire confidence to the august Mother of God, in whose hands are all graces, certain too, that devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary is most opportune for the needs of these times, We have desired to revive everywhere this devotion, and to spread it far and wide among the faithful of the world.

Day 4 One-Minute Rosary Quote from Pope Leo XIII’s Octobre Mense

Now, among the several rites and manners of paying  honour to the Blessed Mary, some are to be preferred, inasmuch as we know them  to be most powerful and most pleasing to our Mother; and for this reason we  specially mention by name and recommend the Rosary. The common language has  given the name of corona to this manner of prayer, which recalls to our minds  the great mysteries of Jesus and Mary united in joys, sorrows, and triumphs.  The contemplation of these august mysteries, contemplated in their order, of  fords to faithful souls a wonderful confirmation of faith, protection against  the disease of error, and increase of the strength of the soul. The soul and  memory of him who thus prays, enlightened by faith, are drawn towards these  mysteries by the sweetest devotion, are absorbed therein and are surprised  before the work of the Redemption of mankind, achieved at such a price and by  events so great. The soul is filled with gratitude and love before these  proofs of Divine love; its hope becomes enlarged and its desire is increased  for those things which Christ has prepared for such as have united themselves  to Him in imitation of His example and in participation in His sufferings. The  prayer is composed of words proceeding from God Himself, from the Archangel  Gabriel, and from the Church; full of praise and of high desires; and it is  renewed and continued in an order at once fixed and various; its fruits are  ever new and sweet.

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