Pope Leo XIII’s “ADIUTRICEM” (Day 8 of 1-Minute Rosary Quotes)

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On this 8th day of our “1-Minute Rosary Quotes,” we offer this quote from the 8th encyclical from Pope Leo XIII on the Rosary:

The power thus put into her hands is all  but unlimited. How unerringly right, then, are Christian souls when they turn  to Mary for help as though impelled by an instinct of nature, confidently  sharing with her their future hopes and past achievements, their sorrows and  joys, commending themselves like children to the care of a bountiful mother.

Mary is my mother, your mother, our mother.  Last night I hosted a lovely multi-family gathering in honor of our Lady and the Rosary.  As I heard the little prayers of our children rising up to Our Mother, I was moved to tears.  Children by nature turn to their nurturers for help and direction, for hope and inspiration.  I want to be more like them, not relying on my own strength or smarts.  I want to rely on Jesus, knowing he knows the way I should go.  Hail Mary!

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