Pope Leo XIII’s “Superiore Anno: On the Recitation of the Rosary”

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In his second encyclical on the Rosary, published in 1884, Pope Leo XIII  instituted the daily prayer of the Rosary during the month of October, especially in parishes.  Pope Leo XIII had been concerned about the Church and its need for protection from Satan.  He saw the Rosary as one of the most powerful weapons against the powers of darkness.  Our quote today:

Indeed, from the spirit of prayer which is poured out over the  house of David and the dwellers in Jerusalem, we have a confident hope that  God will at length let Himself be touched and have pity upon the state of His  Church, and give ear to the prayers coming to Him through her whom He has  chosen to be the dispenser of all heavenly graces . . . May our Heavenly Patroness, invoked by us through the Rosary, graciously be with us and obtain that, all disagreements of opinion being removed and Christianity restored throughout the world, we may obtain from God the wished for peace in the Church.

Here’s the entire document.

Our families are critical to the renewal of the Church, the New Evangelization, and the resistance against Darkness within the Church.   Our prayers are powerful, especially when we include the voices of our children in our prayers, especially when we offer up a Rosary!

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