Play Is One of Our Best Parenting Tools

I came across this wonderful short video featuring Tina Payne Bryson, co-author of the Whole-Brained Child.  She gives us a few tips on how having a playful attitude with our kids can help us avoid power struggles.  Instead of “commanding and demanding” (get in your car seat right now), we turn the tension into a fun exchange (oh, good, if you don’t want to get in your car seat, I’m going to sit there — then we get in the car seat).  I love this approach because you are actually strengthening your connection with your child by handling it this way (kids love it when we’re big goofballs).  I know it’s hard to do this every time you child is resisting your expectations, but it’s one of the best parenting tools to keep in your pocket.

For more great tips on being a playful parent, check out Playful Parenting by Larry Cohen.  Cohen’s book is one of my favorites.

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