A More Gentle World

Help-Someone-this-Christmas-480x330So excited to share this new Catholic gentle/attachment parenting website created by a CAPC reader and  her friends . . IN POLAND!  Agnieszka Piskozub-Piwosz leads this effort with this gorgeous website, Bliska Wiara.  Agnieszka even translated one of my posts into Polish.  Wow, I seem way more fascinating in Polish. 🙂

Our prayers for these parents as they create a virtual space for a meeting of minds — and gentle hearts.

We often talk about and hope for “world peace” at this time of year.  World peace depends on leaders who possess “peace of heart” (as the Catechism puts it), a gift that emerges when a person experiences a peaceful, warm relationship with her parents in childhood, who grows up recognizing that the suffering and concerns of others are always her concern, too.

Praying for a more gentle, more peaceful world, one family at a time.

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