Saint Mail: A Great Tool for Bringing the Saints Home

saint mail
Recently I received a package from Molly at Saint Mail, a unique company that brings the saints right into our homes every month.  My children received a sealed letter from Saint Isidore of Seville along with craft ideas, family chat suggestions, a beautiful book mark, a Saint Isidore fridge magnet, and a lot more cool stuff that had my kids occupied for ages.
some of the items we received from Saint Mail

some of the items we received from Saint Mail

I LOVE this concept.  I read my children lots of books about the saints, but this personal, hands-on way of experiencing the saints is perfect for small kids.   A subscription would be a great Easter gift for your kids!  You can subscribe monthly ($12.99), for six months ($81), or for a year ($144).  I admit at first the cost freaked me out.  But when my children received the package and I saw what was included, I believe it’s worth it.  I also realized my kids have a subscription to an on-line game that costs 5 bucks a month, so if ditch that I can afford Saint Mail.  Way better than the game.I asked Molly a few questions:

Molly, tell us a little bit about your Saint Mail and why you started it.

Saint Mail is a monthly subscription service that helps busy families meet the saints. Each month a package arrives (because kids love mail) with a letter from a different saint, a toy or trinket, crafts, saint medals and tips on how to celebrate the feast day. Its different every month and is meant to be a fruitful surprise!I started it because as a mother I NEEDED it. I teach CCD on Sunday and I homeschool my children. The saints are always bumped for more “important” topics. I wanted my kids to know they had a power team up in Heaven working for them. I would try so hard to be prepared ahead of time with crafts and stories of a different saint each month. Then I would get to Walmart (with three little ones) and totally forget the main part of the craft. Bonus…..I would remember right as I was buckling a fussy tired baby back into the car seat. I needed someone to hand me everything already put together so I could focus on math…or whatever else I was trying to teach everyone! It was my calm and steady husband that said to me “If you need it, there are probably other families that do too.”.

So give us an example of what a package might look like when it arrives.

One of our recent saints was St. Katharine of Drexel. I just fell even more in love with her the more I researched her life. In our culture today where collecting the most stuff is the goal, St Katharine of Drexel provides an alternative way to live. She gave up all of her riches and served. Each month the saint mails a letter giving the highlights of their earthly life in hopes to gently teach and guide. St Katharine also sent along a small Mary Statue since Pope Leo XIII (whom she met with before starting The Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament)  was known as the Rosary Pope. St Katharine’s craft was creating a small New Mexico flag with fabric paint. She established her first school for Native Americans in New Mexico and was always amazed at the beauty of the area. She also included a medal, a magnet (to place on the fridge so you can remember the feast date), tips on how to celebrate the feast day and of course the family chat questions so families can learn together!

Many families have more than one child who would be excited about Saint Mail.  Can parents purchase extra trinkets but just one subscription?

Families can buy one subscription for the entire family. I envision a warm family dinner when the conversation has more intention instead of arguing over the last tater tott.(Not that it wont happen…I mean who doesnt love a potato cylinder!) A very popular thing for families to do is to purchase the extra trinkets for all the children to have. That is only $3.75 per child per month. How exciting would it be to watch your child connect with that one special saint!

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