Tender Tidings Summer 2014 NOW AVAILABLE!

We posted our summer issue a few days ago only discover the flipbook wasn’t working!  Think we worked out the bugs!

Here it is: your free issue of Tender Tidings.  Don’t miss it and please pass it on to your friends!

In this issue:

  • FAMILY GAMES (playing our favorite childhood games with our kids, how real parents play games with their kids, and why play is so important for children)
  • A new Q & A column from Dr. Greg tackling some tough parenting questions
  • Marcia shares a stunning, unique idea for creating a prayer path outside for your family
  • What’s a strong marriage?  Do you have one?
  • Letting go of control in our parenting
  • Hydrating summer drinks

Here’s the flipbook.  Click on the cover.  If you would prefer the PDF, you can download one from the flipbook.


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