Last Minute Ideas for Your Family’s Lenten Journey


A few last minute tips from Marcia Mattern and me to start your family’s Lenten journey on the right foot.  From recent posts on our family blogs:

Favorite read-aloud books for Lent:  Kim shares her family’s favorite books for the Lenten season.

Family altar tips:  Kim shares the symbolism behind the objects she places on  her family altar during Lent.  Also ideas for Ash Wednesday and a salt dough crown with 40 “thorns.”

Accepting the blank page of no plans:  Don’t have all your plans in order?  So what.  Marcia says she won’t be making any grandiose plans this Lent; that she will prepare by being “empty.”  Wow.

Fitting prayer in during Lent:  Marcia acknowledges that it’s hard for busy parents to find time to pray, but that we should at least pray more often.  Practical suggestions.

Don’t worry if  you don’t have everything planned out and in place. God doesn’t need fancy plans to bring blessings on our families during Lent.  He just needs our hearts and our ears.

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