Same-Sex Marriage: Getting the Conversation Right with Your Kids

“Perhaps there is no greater tragedy for man

than the sense of disillusionment he suffers

when he has corrupted or falsified his hope,

by placing it in something other than the one Love

which satisfies without ever satiating.”

— St. Josemaria Escriva

Frustration, anger, helplessness. These are all emotions that churn in my heart as I look about at the falsified hope penetrating our world. The SCOTUS ruling legalizing same-sex marriage is sweeping our nation, and I don’t want my kids to get swept up with it.

Here are a few thoughts for protecting our children from disillusionment and keeping them on the path to “the one Love which satisfies.”

1. Create the right first impressions.

flower-girl-663210_1280I remember attending weddings with my parents when I was a kid. The beautiful bride, the handsome groom, the flowers, the music…and always a church. When I recently received an invitation to a cousin’s Catholic church wedding, I realized how rare church weddings are becoming.

Our first impressions are powerful. We can create memories for our children that will form their consciences properly. When you have the chance to attend a Catholic wedding, seize the opportunity! My husband and I are looking forward to attending my cousin’s wedding with our children and allowing them to experience where marriage begins.

2.  Maintain a sense of order.

Clean your domestic church often! Revisit family prayer routines, sacrament schedules, and works of mercy plans. Remind your children that even daily chores are meant to be ordered towards God. Schedule regular “family fun” times that allow you to nurture your marriage and your relationships with your children. Spend time outside in the natural order God created, and practice detachment from material possessions. Live the Truth that it is God alone who fully satisfies.

From doing the dishes, to whom we choose to marry, there is a rightful order to everything–and it isn’t just based on our opinions or how we feel.

3.  Extend love and mercy.

 My parents raised me with a clear sense of right and wrong. They’re not afraid to point to a behavior and say simply, “That’s a sin!” But I’ve always admired their ability to separate the sin from the sinner. I’ve often watched them extend genuine love and kindness toward someone who I know has done something of which they don’t approve. This is something I continue to strive for–to show my children that God’s love and mercy is for everyone, even if we don’t approve of everything they are doing.

Getting the marriage conversation with our kids right involves languages other than our words. Speak to your children through the language of your lifestyle, your priorities, and your actions. When your children’s hearts are rooted in memories and habits ordered towards God, the guiding words that follow as they mature will make sense. We can raise children who will be warriors for God’s law and messengers of His mercy.

Image credit: Pixabay

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