Saintly Peg Dolls

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Our peg dolls are smiling from the table. Little hands reach up to collect a few. Then we chat about who this saint was and is. Have you heard about the rage of saint dolls for Catholic children?

Meet some of our peg dolls.

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I’ve been painting small pegs of wood for many years. Sometimes I do a few at a time.   Imagine the simplicity of having a small image of a saint that mom would allow a child to carry around! The thrill of having your own likeness of a saint for your very own! My young children love it! I hear them play in the voice and character of each saint. It’s an awesome way to work out the understanding of what you have learned about a saint. We are encouraged to grow in faith and virtue as we learn about someone who strived before us.

Last summer I painted 20 of the same saint and traded dolls with some other moms. I began with a gentle sanding of the wood with fine grit sand paper. Then a gentle buffing with a cloth. Next required some study and imagination to translate 2D images depicting a saint into a 3D simple drawing. Each layer of paint was given to the wood with adequate time to draw.   I wondered if it was similar to how an icon is written. There was much time waiting for the paint to dry. When I had finished with all the paint, I gave three coats of protectant to the dolls. Again this required a waiting for the paint to dry between each layer. I was learning patience and so were my children!

Now these saints grace our children’s tables and move throughout the house as reminders. These saints are showing us how to be more like Jesus whether in our work or in our play.


Would you like to make your own saintly peg dolls? Here are some resources:

Paint a Peg Saint Tutorial. This is a great step-by-step tutorial for getting started on your saintly peg collection.

Easy Peg Dolls. Lacy at Catholic Icing has made it easy for anybody to make saint peg dolls. She offers patterns of the saint’s body to decoupage onto your peg, then you only need to paint the head.


  1. I love the patience and effort you write of here! It makes the whole idea seem so beautiful.

    I, on the other hand, do no sanding or buffing – quickly paint barely letting the color before fully dry before starting the next. Still though I do get much out of the research of deciding hour to paint each saint. And apply one quick layer of mod podge before handing it over to the kids to add to their collection. (Or taking to the swap.)

    Now I didn’t say that to point out my lack of patience, I simply wanted to let other moms know that if you wish for your children to have such wonderful toss to play with, you can make the process as enriching and beautiful as you’d like, or as simple and imperfect as you’d like. Just do it, bc your children will love it and play with them so much. And you will sit smiling as you listen to them talking to each other using Saint names, and trusting they are in God’s hands knowing that you have requested these saints to pray for your child as they play with them.

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