Recommended: Feast Day Celebration Book for Gluten-Free Families

I’ve been saying for ages that somebody should write a liturgical feast celebration book with gluten-free recipes.  Well, it turns out somebody did it!

Haley Stewart and her hubby over at Carrots for Michaelmas have written FEAST: Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year. They put together several real food, gluten-free recipes to help you observe:

  • the Christian year,
  • the lives of the saints and martyrs,
  • the global Church,
  • the earth’s bounty, and
  • the goodness of creation.

They avoid white sugar and gluten in their recipes. I appreciate their effort to adapt the ingredients in traditional recipes to what we’ll actually find in our local market. No need to order an obscure spice for $20 off the internet!  When choosing the saints they cover in the book, they tried to think globally, so you will find ideas for honoring many saints rarely covered in saints’ books.

FEAST cover

In addition to food ideas, they offer non-culinary suggestions for observing the liturgical year very simply and realistically no matter how many pitter pattering feet you have in your home.

I would say that if your family can only afford one liturgical feast book and you are not super sensitive to gluten, purchase A Continual Feast by Evelyn Birge.  Birge’s book is a treasure of history and the recipes are ones that have been enjoyed by Catholics for centuries in the west.  But when you’re ready for more culinary adventures, the Stewarts’ book would make a great supplement to A Continual Feast.  You can buy Feast here (plus their second book with even more recipes). PDF is $7.99; print version is $21.99.

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