Farewell Post

After four and a half years, our ministry here at CAPC has come to an end.

CAPC has truly been a labor of love. I still believe in our mission of supporting Catholic parents who are seeking information and friendship as they try to live an attachment-minded lifestyle with their children. I always had a hard time finding other Catholic parents who were like me, who were figuring out day to day how connect their beliefs about parenting with their faith, who were making counter-cultural choices to prioritize the well-being of their children. My own life has simply become more complicated and my attention is being drawn elsewhere away from this site, particularly to the heart of my home and the relationships within it.

Ah, but all is not lost! You can still find great information and insights about gentle Catholic parenting at my personal gentle Catholic parenting website and we will continue to host our Facebook page, so be sure to visit us there! You can find links to our staff writers’ websites at the end of their bios on our About page.

God bless you and your families! Please pray for me and my family as I will pray for yours.

Kim Cameron-Smith


  1. Dear Kim and Cherisse, I am sad that y’all are closing this site but I certainly do understand life getting busier! Thank you for the beautiful, heart felt, inspiring articles that all of the writer’s have posted on here. I have enjoyed and been inspired by them all. Good luck with your future endeavors! I will miss this page!

  2. I, too, just want to say how meaningful this CAPC journey has been, for both me and my family. Kim, my other fellow writers, and all of our readers have continually inspired me to be a better parent, and a better Catholic. It is sad to let go of this site, but I know the lessons it has taught me will last for a lifetime. I hope our readers feel the same. The Facebook page can still keep us connected, and we are all certain to “run into” each other online or elsewhere in the Catholic parenting world!

    May God always guide you with strength and certainty in your parenting journeys!

    Charisse Tierney

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