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Charisse Tierney Named CAPC’s Assistant Editor PLUS A NEW SISTER SITE!


Two exciting announcements this weekend before Thanksgiving!

Charisse Tierney Named Assistant Editor

Charisse Tierney AP Bio PicIn less than two years our little ministry has grown to become more than I ever imagined.  Along the way we have all been blessed by the sensitive and rich essays offered by our most active staff writer, Charisse Tierney.  Charisse’s understanding of attachment science and the theology of the body have brought so much to the table as we explore together what it means to be a gentle, attachment-minded parent.  Her writing voice is like that of good friend who knows our joys and struggles, and loves us along the way.

I am so very grateful and overjoyed to announce the appointment of Charisse to the position of Assistant Editor of both Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner and Tender Tidings magazine!  Charisse will bring fresh vision and wisdom to our journey and will be a true sister in Christ for me as we continue to bring valuable content to our readers.

Intentional Catholic Parenting Website

In an effort to avoid visual cluttering and important content becoming lost on CAPC, I have built a new website!  Please check out our gorgeous new sister site, Intentional Catholic Parenting.  ICP is entirely devoted to the intentional Catholic parenting model which is presented through the framework of my “7 Building Blocks to a Joyful Catholic Home.”

ICP will serve two purposes:

  1. I will publish weekly link lists to articles and research related to the 7 Building Blocks, and
  2. the Tender Tidings magazine will move to ICP (because both the magazine and the website have as their principle purpose the exploration of the 7 Building Blocks).

CAPC, of course, will continue to be built upon the intentional Catholic parenting model.  I will not be publishing personal or guest essays on ICP, at least not for now.   All that will still be done on CAPC.  I will only be publishing the weekly link lists on the new website.  So subscribe to ICP so you don’t miss anything!