Write for CAPC!

Write for us (even if it’s not outside on an antique typewriter . . . )

Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner invites attachment-minded mamas and papas to share their experiences, wisdom, successes, and failures with other families!  We’re also eager to receive articles from Catholic parenting and marriage professionals.

Topic ideas:

1)  Explore one of CAPC’s 7 Building Blocks to  a Family-Centered Catholic Home.  Offer your personal experience, lessons you’ve learned, books you’ve read.

2)  Any of the developmental stages as laid out on our top menu bar.  If you click on an age group, you’ll see Dr. Gregory Popcak’s descriptions of the goals of each stage.  What do you have to share about any of these goals?

3) Real v. Ideal:  Attachment parenting is a wonderful ideal, but we all fail at times to achieve this ideal.  We learn much about ourselves and our children in the process.  What have you learned from tough times being an attachment parent?  How has a rough patch affected your faith?

4) Dealing with family members or friends who criticize your choices.

5) Family mission statements.  Do you  have one?  Share it with us!

6) A commentary on an article or book your read that is relevant to parents interested in attachment based parenting.  Include a link to the original article or book.

These are just suggestions.  If you have another great idea, shoot Kim an email: kim@catholicap.com.

The Process:  It’s pretty informal!  First send a brief email to Kim Cameron-Smith at kim@catholicap.com introducing yourself and describing your article idea.  If she gives you the green light, draft your article.  We are not super concerned about length.  Short pieces are terrific, but long pieces can be broken up into part posts.

Payment for Published Submissions:  Articles are currently accepted on a volunteer basis, thus no payment/fee follows publication of an article.  However, we will add your website or project information at the end of your article.

Republication:  If you republish your article on your own blog, we require that you provide only the beginning of the article with a link to the CAPC website.  Any articles published on CAPC  or in Tender Tidings Magazine should be reworked before publishing on other websites or in other publications.

Thank you!

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